Juniper JNCIA Training

This month I have begun my JNCIA training and hope to take the exam this Spring to further my professional development. I passed the CCNA in September of 2013 and started working with Juniper devices in October of 2013 so the Juniper world is relatively new to me.

I currently work with EX2200, 3300, and 4200 switches on a daily basis so I hope that the majority of the material in the Juniper Enterprise Switching book will be review and improving my proficiency with JuneOS. A few months ago I even added a EX2200-C to my home setup so I can have more experience with the OS.

IMG_20131106_122218 IMG_20131029_125629

So far I am amazed at the design of the JuneOS platform. The candidate configuration, roll-back, and processor isolation of switching and routing processes is very different than a Cisco device where you are locked into the Cisco shell. I am beginning to see the power of the Juniper world.


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