Dropbox LAN sync Protocol Noise

An end-user recently submitted a ticket that the connection sharing switch in his office was blinking more than usual and wanted confirmation that nothing malicious was occurring on the network. I took a small sample of the traffic that was on the end-user’s switch with Wireshark and found a surprising amount of Dropbox noise being broadcast on the network.

In our /22 subnet, I found 88 hosts that were advertising UDP/17500 Dropbox LanSync Protocol (db-lsp) traffic. The Dropbox advertisements were accounting for 67% of our total UDP traffic and were occurring on average every 0.14 seconds using 13.3 kbps of bandwidth. Hardly an impact on a Gigabit connection, but I can see from an end-user perspective that when they plug a quiet switch into the network there is a change in LED behavior.




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